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Will the treatment be painful?

It is our goal to make your time with us a comfortable, painless and pleasant experience.  Periodontal treatment is done with local anesthetic numbing, the same as other dental treatment.  If more patient management is needed we will discuss your options at your initial appointment.

 Will I need to return to your office for follow-ups after the procedure is finished?

Yes.  We recommend that patients return to the office for follow up care until all healing is complete.  Routine maintenance and prevention which is determined based upon your need and the type of procedure done.  Without follow up care, periodontal disease often returns.

How long will my treatment take?

This will depend upon the treatment plan, severity of disease and healing time involved with the various procedures.  It is very individual and case specific.

Fees and Insurance Policy

 The fee for your periodontal treatment will be based on the extent of treatment.  During your first visit we will discuss the probable number of visits, their length, and the fees involved.  It is our policy that your co-pay or treatment is paid day of service.  Depending upon your insurance coverage we may work out a payment schedule.  We will do our best to work with you to make your care financially accessible.

Do you accept my insurance?

 Most dental insurance policies pay a portion of your periodontal treatment for out-of-network providers.  We will make every effort to work with your insurance company to determine your benefits.  Unfortunately, insurance companies provide us with an estimated coverage that may be more or less than the actual coverage amount and we ask that you be prepared for a potential adjustment.  Furthermore, if you have other dental work done as well as your periodontal work, your dental benefits may be used up on that care and those benefits may no longer be available for your periodontal care.  Generally your insurance company has a maximum limit of funds that are available to you each year.  Regardless, we will be happy to submit your care to your insurance company for you after your treatment is completed.

 Does medical insurance cover periodontal treatment?

Unfortunately the procedures we do are not generally covered by medical insurance. Periodontal care is in the oral environment and therefore falls under dental insurance policies, not medical.

What is the recovery time?

 Recovery time and healing time are not the same. The vast majority of patients are back to work or school the day after the procedure.  Most often the patient will experience soreness or tenderness to the area for a few days. During your recovery time often you will chew on the other side and eat softer foods. Full healing time can take one to two weeks. Generally soreness is not present for the entire healing time.

Location and Construction Concerns

 In spite of construction concerns about John Deere Expressway and the  I – 74 bridge we are still closer than you think and easier to get to. The truth is, since the John Deere Road project began, it has actually decreased the time it takes to get to our office. We are accessible in approximately 15 minutes from most Iowa locations and yes;  returning to Iowa with the bridge construction does add a few extra minutes. On average the extra time we have experienced to cross the bridge to Iowa is generally about only ten minutes. The time it takes to reach us from Iowa has been unaffected by bridge construction.

For those patients coming from outlying areas such as DeWitt, the use of the I-280 bridge is easy and fast. For those coming from North of the quad Cities, such as Clinton area,  the I – 80 bridge is quick and easy as is crossing to Illinois in Clinton or Savannah.

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